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Brander GardensRiverbend, Edmonton, Alberta

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Matt Jeneroux
Edmonton Riverbend
Riverbend Community League

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Population 2,435
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1,048 Properties

About Brander Gardens

The Brander Gardens area was annexed to the City of Edmonton in 1960. In 1961, the area was included within a plan for phased development of a large portion of southwest Edmonton.

In 1969, Brander Gardens was included within the Riverbend-Terwillegar Heights Outline Plan. The Outline Plan detailed a development scheme for a comprehensively planned community to be, in many respects, self-contained. Riverbend-Terwillegar Heights, with a predicted ultimate population of 95,000 people, was the first of Edmonton’s residential areas to be planned on such a large scale.

In 1967, just prior to preparation of the overall plan, Brander Gardens, called Glamorgan at that time, was the subject of a subdivision re-plot. The remnants of this earlier subdivision are evident in the large lots in the neighbourhood’s west side adjacent to Whitemud Creek.

Almost all Brander Gardens housing was constructed during the 1970s. Most dwelling units are in multiple-unit housing structures (36 percent row housing and 38 percent low-rise apartments) clustered along the major traffic route, Riverbend Road, and are adjacent to the neighbourhood’s multi-purpose recreational sites and neighbourhood shopping centre. The overall purpose of the plan is to provide efficient travel while minimizing the negative effects of traffic on residential streets.

Interior residential streets have curvilinear and cul-de-sac patterns. A number of strategically placed pathways, including the open space of a pipeline right-of-way, promote pedestrian and bicycle travel through the neighbourhood. Brander Gardens is particularly favoured for its location adjacent to the river valley. Residents have access to river valley park trails and to Fort Edmonton Park just to the north.

The residents of Brander Gardens are served by businesses located in the Riverbend Shopping Centre. Proximity to the Whitemud Freeway facilitates access to other major commercial and employment areas in the city.

Brander Gardens was named in honour of George Brander, who came to Edmonton in 1921 and established a peony garden in the Bonnie Doon Area. The gardens were an attraction for Albertans until the 1940s and were the source of most of the peonies in Alberta.

Getting Around

Brander Gardens residents benefit from the close proximity to the Whitemud Drive freeway to the east, crossing the city from the east and west.  The Edmonton Transit System maintains bus service in the neighbourhood.  For routes and schedules see: ) There are bicycle and walking trails throughout neighbourhood connecting parks and green spaces. Extensive walking and bicycling maps are provided by the City of Edmonton at:

Places of Worship

The only church within Brander Gardens is:

  • Grace Reformed Baptist Church of Edmonton, 5520 Riverbend Road NW

Outside the neighbourhood but nearby:

  • Riverbend United Church, 14907 45 Avenue NW
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Edmonton Alberta Temple, 14325 53rd Ave. NW


Why I Live in Brander Gardens

Lita Bablitz has lived in or near Brander Gardens most of her life.  As a child she grew up in the neighbourhood and attended Brander Gardens elementary.  But for a while she and her husband lived in Victoria, BC. In 2005, however, they decided to move back to Edmonton and for Lita, Brander Gardens was the only place she wanted to live.  Today, Lita is a member of the Riverbend Community League and both her sons have attended the same elementary school she attended. “Brander Gardens has always drawn families from every walk of life,” she said. “I have always loved the access to the river valley trail system, the peaceful parks and green spaces, and the proximity to Fort Edmonton. In fact, the sound of Fort Edmonton’s train whistle is as evocative of summertime as sunshine and orange popsicles.”

Notable Features

Brander Gardens is very close to Fort Edmonton Park, one of the city’s major visitor attractions. The 64-hectare park includes a replica of the 1846 Hudson’s Bay Fort and historical streets reflecting 1885, 1905 and 1920. Amenities include the Selkirk Hotel, Capitol Theatre and the Edmonton, Yukon & Pacific Railway. The John Janzen Nature Centre is located just outside the gates of the fort. Brander Gardens is also close to the North Saskatchewan River, the extensive river valley trail system and a footbridge crossing the river towards the Edmonton Country Club and Golf Course.

Sports, Recreation and Parks

Brander Gardens is part of the Riverbend Community League and the SouthWest Edmonton Seniors Association.  The community league promotes sports such as soccer, tennis, pickleball, basketball, softball and hockey. Brookside Park near 143 St. and 53rd Ave. a 150-seat hall and a 41-seat social room. The Riverbend Athletic Club is a private facility located at 56 Ave. and Riverbend Road.  An off-lease dog area is located along a utility corridor west of Whitemud Drive to a point west of Riverbend Road at the first walkway connecting south to 58 Ave.

Crime and Safety

A good source of neighbourhood crime statistics is contained within the Edmonton Police Service Neighbourhood Crime Map at

Local Amenities

The main shopping area is the Riverbend Shopping Centre at Riverbend Road and 56 Ave.  The closest farmers’ market is at Terwillegar Drive and 23 Ave at the Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market.

Neighbourhood Schools

  • Riverbend Junior High School, at 14820 53 Ave.NW, is a public school founded on ability, character and citizenship.
  • Tempo School, at 5603 148 St NW,  is a provincially-accredited private school with about 380 students in kindergarten through grade 12 and a staff of 36 teachers.
  • Brander Gardens School, at 14865 56 Ave NW, is a public school providing instruction for elementary students in the regular and French Immersion programs.
  • St. Monica School, located at 14710 - 53 Ave, NW, is the only Edmonton Catholic School that only goes to grade one. 

Health Services

The Riverbend Professional Centre and Riverbend Shopping Centre at Riverbend Road at 56 Ave. features a variety of medical, dental and associated healthcare services.

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